$5 EACH Like new shorts. * Top pair size 14, Bass brand * Brown pair size 16, Cherokee brand * Bottom right pair size 16, Chic brand Not sure how they fit. Bought them and never got to wear them before my thyroid had other plans for my weight, lol. Located in Parsgon and work on the west side of Bloomington and can meet at Big Lots at various of times depending on how late I work. Can also meet...
For Plainfield Highschool. It is a size 12, just looks very thin because I tied it in the back! I got it hemmed, I am 5 5 & 1/2. The choral department bought these dresses for the 2018-2019 school year, so the dress will not change for another 2 years or so. I paid $80 but only asking for $50!

Pelle coat

Pelle coat. Coat id in great shape. Some of the sequins have cane off is only thing wrong.